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You must appear at the Reno Municipal Court for arraignment on the date and time listed on your ticket if any violation is a Mandatory Appearance (this will be noted next to the violation). All cases with accidents require a mandatory appearance.  All other citations may be paid in full on or before your scheduled court date.  

Post and Forfeit

Xổ số đài thoải máiPaying your fine prior to your court date is referred to as "Post and Forfeit."  In doing this, you are waiving your right to a hearing before a judge and admitting guilt by paying the fine.  A conviction for the cited crimes will be entered on your criminal record if you choose to Post and Forfeit. You may not come back later seeking to change your plea to "Not Guilty" and go to trial.  You may not undo the conviction from a Post and Forfeit.  Post and Forfeit is not the same as posting bail.  You may use the Court's chat line (below left) to obtain the amount of the fine, fees and assessments on your case.  You may then pay that as described below.

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