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The City of Reno and its residents have a strong commitment to sustainability. Together, we have made great strides on environmental, economic and social priorities. In fact, Reno was ranked in 2017 by WalletHub after a comparison of the top 100 cities. 

The City of Reno uses the ® (STAR) to track our progress toward sustainability. We are proud that the City of Reno has been recognized as a . We’re very excited about certification as a 3-STAR Community. It demonstrates that in many areas the City of Reno, Washoe County, and our entire community already implements best practices. Please read our 2017 Sustainability Report to learn about the areas where we excel and the areas that need improvement. 

From the Reno City Council and City Manager, it is their pleasure to introduce you to our first Sustainability Report In this comprehensive report you will read about our continued and enhanced commitment to creating a sustainable and vibrant university town known for our outdoor activities, special events, arts and culture, and innovative industries. 

In the report you’ll learn that many areas that need improvement have already been identified as priorities by our city leaders and community partners. Among them are increased access to affordable housing, improved community health, expanded use of public and alternative modes of transportation, and strengthened civil and human rights. Other areas will require new commitments to make progress, including greening government operations, expansion of green markets and creation of green jobs, improved conditions for aging in the community, addressing environmental justice, protecting biodiversity and managing invasive species, and preserving our remaining farm and ranch lands. 

STAR is the nation’s leading framework and certification program that evaluates local sustainability. STAR doesn’t just measure environmental stewardship, it also measures economic prosperity and social equity. It provides a clear, data-driven approach to assessing a community’s sustainability efforts. STAR helped the City of Reno to credibly track our progress toward a comprehensive set of sustainability goals, and it helps us understand how we’re doing relative to other communities. 

STAR is organized into seven thematic goal areas and 44 objectives, with an opportunity to achieve extra credit in an eighth category for innovation and process. The following table reports how we performed in each category, providing a snapshot of how we are doing today. 

The city is committed to continuous improvement. We’ll set new goals and priorities and a timeframe for moving from a Certified 3-STAR Community to a 4-STAR Community or better. 

We encourage you to read the 2017 Sustainability Report to delve deeper and learn more.

Graph showing percentages of 3-STAR community points achieved


Xổ số đài thoải máiGraph represents how the City of Reno performed in each of the following categories: Built Environment-48%; Climate & Energy-39%; Economy & Jobs-55%; Education, Arts & Community-68%; Equity & Empowerment-36%; Health & Safety-58%; Natural Systems-54%; Innovation & Process-40%.