three images of public art in city streets: neon signs, rainbow geometric shapes painted in an intersection, and a glowing geometric yellow sculpture.

Midtown Public Art Project

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The City of Reno in partnership with the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Washoe County, NV and multiple community partners developed a large-scale public art project in the Midtown District of Reno that reflects the vibrancy and community of one of Reno’s emerging cultural districts in conjunction with a street reorientation project led by RTC. RTC is constructing a multi-modal improvement project in Midtown which will include pedestrian improvements, incorporation of historic and cultural characteristics, and bus stop improvements. To learn more about RTC's project, visit their .

Xổ số đài thoải máiAs part of the street renovation happening in the Midtown area of Reno, RTC and the City of Reno are installing artistic bike racks and benches along the streetscape.

Why Public Art?

We believe public art:

  • Promotes community character and values
  • Inspires connection to place
  • Celebrates a unique environment and cultural heritage
  • Fosters social interaction and creates memorable experiences
  • Invites pedestrian activity and inspires a healthy, connected community
  • Creates focal points that can become destination drivers
  • Revitalizes deteriorated or underutilized spaces, increases safety, and inspires redevelopment
  • Inspires community participation in the creative design of civic space

The initial phase of the project was to conduct public outreach. This gave affected citizens an opportunity to voice their ideas as well as to shape the process of choosing an artist to work with the community.  In 2019, the Midtown Design Review Committee (made up of any business owner, resident of Midtown, or interested citizen) gave initial input on the neighborhood and selected 3 artists along with the Public Art Committee through a request for qualifications process. Those 3 artists were invited to come visit the neighborhood and speak with the community. After hearing from the community, the artists submitted proposals for artwork in Midtown and Hunter Brown was selected for the commission with his sculpture titled "Reciprocity." The sculpture will be installed in late 2020.

Artist rendering of large abstract metal sculpture in roundabout titled Reciprocity by Hunter Brown.

Midtown Design Review Committee

The Midtown Design Review Committee also met with City staff to select other artistic and cultural elements for the neighborhood including street banners, kinetic or artistic banners for the light poles, tree lighting, sidewalk stamps, and historic markers. The Design Review Committee also worked with the Public Art Committee to select artistic benches and bike racks. The selected bike racks and benches are shown below as artist renditions.

drawings of bench pods made of steel and concreteBike Rack sketch made of steel wheels that look like bike tires placed around a larger bike wheel in the center.

Past Meetings (2020)

Past Meetings (2019) 

Xổ số đài thoải máiAll meetings are scheduled after the weekly RTC meeting that starts at 9:00 am on every Thursday at The Saint on S. Virginia Street unless otherwise noted. Anyone is welcome to attend.

  • Meeting 1 - March 28

    Introductions, group mission, proposed schedule, community input. PDF of agenda and meeting summary.
  • Meeting 2 - April 11

    Group parameters review, participation guidelines, discussion of enhancements for further consideration, update on City Council funding. PDF of agenda and meeting summary.
  • Meeting 3 - May 9

    Final selection of enhancements, liaison report from Public Art Committee. PDF of meeting summary.
  • Meeting 4 - June 13

    Meet the 3 finalist artists for the Public Art component, community input on final design ideas.PDF of meeting summary.
  • Meeting 5 - July 11 *This meeting will take place at the Innevation Center (450 Sinclair St.)*

    Review public art proposals from artists for recommendation to Public Art Committee and Arts & Culture Commission. PDF of meeting summary. Finalist Proposals for Midtown Public Art: Eileen Gay, Hunter Brown, Saori Ide & Jonathan Russell.
  • Meeting 6 - August 8 *This meeting will take place at the Innevation Center (450 Sinclair St.)*

    Selection of artistic benches and bike racks for recommendation to Public Art Committee and Arts & Culture Commission.

Xổ số đài thoải máiIf you would like to receive email updates and meeting notifications, please email Megan Berner, Public Art Program Coordinator, at or call (775) 326-6333.

National Endowment for the Arts logoXổ số đài thoải mái The Midtown Public Art Project is funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.